Quotes from People


"Great job Rhett...nice voice! That's a guy that came prepared."

- David Foster, musician, record producer, composer, songwriter, a


"Somebody warmed up!!"

- Céline Dion, one of the 10 best-selling artists of all time


"Dear Rhett, It was a pleasure watching your performances...I wish you every success with your career. All the best, Shirley" 

- Dame Shirley Bassey, one of the most successful British singers of all time


"I was just backstage watching this wonderful group."

- Dolly Parton (on Spirit of The Dance, in which Rhett was a principal singer),  singer-songwriter, actress, author, businesswoman, and humanitarian, one of the most-honored female country performers of all time


"You are a great talent."
​ - Trini Lopez, singer, guitarist, and actor, Latin Music Hall of Famer


"Fitting that 'The Prayer' is sung by the voice of an angel."
- George Takei, actor, director, author, and activist


"This young guy named Rhett Wheeler and he had an amazing voice!"

- Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, reality personality, Slammy award winner


"[Rhett Wheeler's] voice is ...beautiful!! Bravo! Really stunning and what a magical moment!!"
- Michael A. Alden, multiple Tony and Emmy award winning Television and Broadway Producer


"He'll be having concerts of his own soon, after this."
- Brad Takei, producer and husband of George Takei


"Only  one to make in up to the stage, that is a big deal in our world! [Rhett  Wheeler] did great! Nice job... I am the music director [for David  Foster] and [he] really did great! Bravo."
- Matthew Dela Pola, Music Director for David Foster, composer, producer, musical director, conductor, latin grammy and MTV unplugged award winner


"I have worked with the Best of the Best, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Diana  Ross, Barbra Streisand, Tom Jones, Ann Margret, Liza Minnelli, Tina  Turner, Frank Sinatra, Kenny Rogers, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, Bobby  Darin, and the list goes on and on. I had the Pleasure to be at the  Trini Lopez Award Dinner the other night and saw a Future Singing Star  perform 'The Prayer'. His name is Rhett Wheeler and he is destined to  become a BIG STAR !! His Voice, His phrasing, His tone is MAGIC!! I have  never heard another young man with such an AMAZING Voice as his since I  first heard Josh Groban and Andrea Bocelli. I look forward to hearing  BIG things about Rhett in the Future!!"

- David Winters, actor, dancer, choreographer, producer, director and screenwriter, mulitple award winner including the Christopher and Peabody awards


"So Fun!!!" [of Rhett's performance as Ursula]

- Jodi Benson, Original voice of Ariel in the Disney animated film The Little Mermaid, Disney Legend

Quotes from Media

The Daily Mail, UK

"...the talented male singer [Rhett Wheeler]."

The Daily Buzz

"Much  like Cinderella’s prince, glass slipper in-hand, the producers  discovered there was something very special about this man....Make your  day a little more magical, and...listen along....You can follow Rhett  [Wheeler]’s beautiful voice on Facebook ."


"As  he continued singing, the crowd turned absolutely silent and  stared...as the young man continued to sing his heart out as the  legendary David Foster played the piano for him. It seems like it would  make anyone’s day, and it actually did.With the video going viral and  the word getting around about this amazing singer, it was finally  revealed that the singer was Rhett Wheeler. He’s no amateur, but this  was a “dream come true” to him and who knows where this could take him."

Attractions Magazine

"When  he started to sing, there was an audible gasp from the audience. After  about 10 or so seconds, [David] Foster told him to stop and immediately  get on the stage to perform the song. The crowd went nuts and [Rhett]  Wheeler made his way to the stage."


"...Fans  attending the Walt Disney World Christmas Parade...ended up shocked and  delighted after a random man from the crowd [Rhett Wheeler] got up and  sang a song. And now that man is literally an overnight success." 

Broadway Buzz

"How awesome is [Rhett Wheeler] and the fact he sang at Walt Disney World today?! Bravo performance!!!"

XL106.7, Orlando's #1 hit music station

"Prepare  to be blown away...Hey Ariana [Grande] you're a big deal and all, but  you might want to show up on time next time. Or else this guy [Rhett  Wheeler] might take your spot for good!...this guy was the one everyone  was talking about."

Doctor Disney

"all the talk was of [Rhett Wheeler] who made everyone’s Christmas!"

Food World News

"The  microphone was passed from one person to another until it came to  Wheeler. He went on stage and wowed the crowd when he sang 'The  Prayer' made popular by Andrea Bocelli."

The Disney Blog

"One  young man [Rhett Wheeler] might just put Ariana [Grande] out of a job  if she’s late again. He absolutely killed with a rendition of 'The  Prayer.' Not only did Rhett kill it, he got to perform with the composer  of 'The Prayer,' David Foster. That’s a dream come true for any  performer."


"Accompanied  by the renown pianist David Foster, this young man [Rhett Wheeler]  proceeded to blow the crowd away with his spectacular voice!"


"This  young man [Rhett Wheeler] had such a gorgeous voice that producers  immediately told him to get on stage, where he launched into a beautiful  rendition of 'The Prayer' — accompanied by the legendary David Foster." 

Quotes about musical theater performance

'Ursula' in The Little Mermaid

"But  by curtain call time it was clear that the favorite character in the  eyes and hearts of my fellow spectators was Ariel’s nasty water witch  Auntie Ursula. No fairytale, of course, is worth its salt without a  flamboyant female baddie, especially if she’s covered in tentacles and  played by a guy as wildly over the top as the irrepressible Rhett  Wheeler."

- Philip Pearce, Performing Arts Monterey Bay​

'Bert' in Mary Poppins

"Mary's  chimney sweeping pal, the show's narrator, Bert, is played with great  ease and charm by Rhett Wheeler. Like Navaille [Mary Poppins], Wheeler is what they  call a triple threat - great at acting, singing and dancing."

​-Mark Shilstone-Laurent, Monterey Herald

'Lead Jazz Vocalist' in Big Band Beat

"You sing the thrilling 11 o'clock number 'All Of Me.'"

-Mara Jill Herman, Broadwayworld.com

'Bert' in Mary Poppins

"Julian  Fellowes’ script cleverly uses Bert, Mary Poppins’ chimney sweep buddy,  as a narrator/commentator. Rhett Wheeler is delightful in the role,  appropriately jocular, charming and reflective as the words and music of  “Chim-chim Cheree” point up sometimes wistful, sometimes funny turning  points in the story. He’s got a fine voice and he’s adept and athletic  in the raucous toe-tapping numbers like 'Step in Time.'"

​- Philip Pearce, Performing Arts Monterey Bay